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Car Transport Service Types

The first thing any client should know about any car transport service is that there are essentially two different types of car carriers:

The shipping process may be simple for some, and complicated for others. Understanding each scenario in detail is critical to properly planning a successful transport. The first wave of information is sometimes overwhelming, and finding the right auto transport service can seem pretty tough.

Luckily for you, you’ve found us!

With Envision, you will work directly with an experienced agent who has been well trained to thoroughly explain all of our vehicle transport services. This agent will guide you through the entire vehicle transport process. Once your agent has evaluated your situation, he or she will give a recommendation for an auto transport service that fits your needs.

Vehicle Transport Services

Listed below are many different are various car transport service types. Feel free to browse through this information and educate yourself with real and valuable transport information.

Buying or Selling a Vehicle?

Quite often clients are buying or selling vehicles out of state. In most cases, shipping the vehicle to you or your buyer is the easiest way to go.

Providing a logistical solution for any shipping schedule that you require is our job. There are many options to deal with any pickup and delivery scenario. Whether you are releasing or receiving a vehicle, it’s going to a business, or a family member; we’ll figure it out for you. Some common shipping scenarios require:

Envision Auto Relocations has been in auto transport long enough to be able to handle it all. We also provide transport service for:

Vehicle transport services will vary with each company that you speak with. Over the years Envision Auto Relocations has modified each auto transport service to fit our client’s needs. Our ability to match your needs comes from years of experience, transporting every kind of vehicle imaginable. Our experience gives our clients a unique advantage. Envision’s vehicle transport services are:

  • Efficient
  • Timely
  • Cost effective

Having encountered virtually every shipping scenario imaginable; we have developed an auto transport service that handles each scenario efficiently. From vehicle transport services for the classic car collector whose vehicles have never seen a raindrop, to the last minute shipper who’s leaving on a plane tomorrow morning; we have car transport service for you.


Full insurance coverage is standard for all of our shipments. Your vehicle will be covered bumper to bumper by a valid cargo policy.

As part of our auto transport service process, we can provide our clients with a copy of an insurance certificate upon request.