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What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

In its simplest form, enclosed auto transport is exactly what it sounds like. When you utilize this auto transport service your vehicle will be securely loaded onto a fully enclosed car trailer.

 Quality Enclosed Transportation

Although both open and enclosed transport types are extremely safe, the enclosed service provides an extra layer of protection for your vehicle by way of the fully enclosed trailer. It is covered from top to bottom so that there is no exposure to the world outside of the carrier. This means that your vehicle is protected from absolutely everything, including rain, dirt, dust and debris. After investing in a vehicle that will need to be transported, there is nothing better or wiser that you could do than to invest in an enclosed auto transport.

Enclosed auto transport decision guide

There are also different types of enclosed car transporters that are reserved for different types of moves. These are hard side and soft side trailers. Before we get into that, let’s find out if an enclosed car transport is right for you.

When considering whether or not to use and enclosed auto transporter, one basic question can usually solve the riddle for you. For long or short routes, ask yourself:

Would You Drive Your Exotic Car?

If you wouldn’t consider driving you vehicle from point A to B, then you should get a quote for an enclosed auto transport. Shipping an exotic car or a classic vehicle allows you to completely avoid anything that could happen on the open road. It will save you from putting unnecessary mileage on your new investment, and help retain its value.

The truth is, most people who ship their vehicles by an enclosed carrier completely that they are making a great investment in a certain shipping service. “White glove service” is a common term that goes along with this car transport type.

Can I even ship my car by an open carrier?

To find out if your vehicle even qualifies to ship any way other than enclosed, call our office directly. We are the type of company who will advise you on the best practice for transporting your car. We are not simply going to answer all of your questions with a yes. Some vehicles should only be handled by an enclosed auto carrier.

Two major qualifying questions should be raised by your transport agent when considering an open auto transport or enclosed car shipment.

Vehicle Value

Typically a vehicle valued at or above $125,000 should always be shipped by an enclosed carrier. This is because on an open carrier, most insurance policies max out their per incident liability limit at this mark ($125,000). Even though our enclosed auto transporters have impeccable safety records, we would never load your car onto a carrier that didn’t provide full insurance coverage.

Vehicle Clearance

This one should be pretty easy to understand also. Most cars that have a high monetary value, and are shipped by an enclosed carrier are more exotic or sporty. These types of cars come with expensive (sometimes irreplaceable) parts, paint, and low clearance. Most open carriers don’t have the types of ramps needed to deal with low ground clearance on exotic vehicles. In a case like this, it would be very unwise to take on extra risk of damage to your vehicle when you could in fact just select an enclosed carrier.

Anyone considering an enclosed auto transport should pick up on the validity of the 2 common sense points mentioned above. If you have a transport agent who is not asking the right questions, time to make a switch. If you need guidance on how your vehicle should be handled, give us a call. We are always here to help.