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Door-to-Door Auto Transport Services

The Door-to-Door Auto Transport Process

Choosing door-to-door auto transport as your vehicle shipping service method will get you exactly what it sounds like. Our intention is to transport your car from address “A” to address “B”, with no stops along the way. Speaking to one of our agents is the best way to figure out if this method of transportation fits your needs. We can figure this out quickly by having you answer relative questions such as:

Are you going to be at the pickup location to release your vehicle to the auto transporter?

This is an important piece of information to know when deciding on using door-to-door auto transport. The ideal situation is for you, the owner of the vehicle, to be present at the pickup location so that you can sign off on an inspection report prior to having the vehicle loaded onto the car carrier.

This inspection report is used to verify the condition of the vehicle upon pickup and serves as a record of its condition. The driver will give you a copy of this report in the form of what’s called a Bill of Lading. You should keep this document at least until your vehicle has been delivered.

There are also situations where you may not be able to be at the pickup location when shipping your car door-to-door. This is ok. If you are not physically going to be there, please just let your agent know in advance who has permission to release your vehicle to the auto transporter. This person can be anyone you trust to sign off on an inspection report; a friend, a family member, a co-worker, your salesperson; etc. We will record this information when setting up your order and pass it along to the driver.

Will you be at the delivery location in time to receive your vehicle?

The situation at delivery is the exact same as it is at pickup for a door-to-door auto transport. You or someone you trust will need to be there in order to sign off on an inspection report, receive a copy of the BOL, and pay the driver any remaining balance due for your transport. Again, this can be anyone you trust to do this like a friend or family member.

Why use Door-to-Door Auto Transport?

The door-to-door transport method is used by about 95% of our clientele. The actual process of shipping using door-to-door auto transport is most often completed by an open car carrier. Combine the two, and you have the most common method of auto transport within the Continental United States.

There are reasons for this; door-to-door auto transport is:

FAST – If you are shipping your car all the way across the country, it should take your driver at most 10 days from pickup to delivery; much less time for shorter routes.

SAFE – Only carriers who meet our standards of service are utilized for door-to-door auto transport, making it a very safe transportation method. These carriers must have a 99% positive internal rating, a minimum 2 years in business and up-to-date licensing and insurance information on file.

EFFICIENT – Door-to-door auto transport by open car carrier provides and abundance of driver & trailer combinations, so finding the right truck is easy. Having a vehicle picked up and delivered directly to you also saves time in your busy daily schedule.

We haven’t mentioned it detail yet, but don’t be mistaken; 95% of our enclosed auto transports are done door-to-door also! All of the same information holds true even more with enclosed transportation. Clients who have the need for an enclosed transport are usually moving a very valuable vehicle; and it is more likely that they will actually want to be there to sign off on condition reports at both ends.