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The auto shipping industry is a robust one; with recently-passed legislation making it easier for people to obtain the various licenses needed to transport vehicles, there has been a major influx in terms of how many state-to-state transportation companies there are in the U.S. This has led to price decreases over the years, as competition increased with demand, but one sector seemed to be relatively unaffected – the overseas auto shipping sector. Overseas auto shipping services is always in relatively high demand, but the companies that oversee it (no pun intended) and operate within it haven’t really changed.

We’re speaking, of course, of auto transport to both Alaska and Hawaii, and the relatively few number of auto shipping companies that can provide such a service. Perhaps the two largest companies to provide overseas auto shipping services are Horizon and Matson, which service both Alaska and Hawaii, respectively. There are more companies that ship internationally today as well, though international automobile transportation is a relatively tricky thing, with a lot more restrictions and requirements than merely shipping to one of the outlying states.

We here at Envision Auto Relocations provide complete service to both Alaska and Hawaii from anywhere in the contiguous U.S. – and vice-versa. We’ll dispatch a carrier to pick your vehicle up from wherever it is and transport it to the port for you, where it’ll be loaded onto a large cargo ship and transported overseas to its destination port. We’ll handle all the legalities and paperwork, and as we only contract with the best carriers in the industry, with the best ratings, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be in great hands. You can fill out our free online quote form to the left or give us a call at our toll-free number (located at the top of the page). For more detailed information regarding overseas auto shipping services, we recommend reading the following articles:

Each type of shipment requires different specifics, but there are a few things that auto transport to both Alaska and Hawaii have in common. For starters, unlike auto transport within the contiguous U.S., you absolutely cannot have any possessions in your vehicle at all once you drop it off at the port. This is federal and international law we’re talking about now, and that’s a whole different ball o’ wax in terms of penalties and the like. So make sure that there is absolutely nothing in the vehicle in terms of personal items, or else you could be in some trouble.