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Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport

What is Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport?

Terminal to terminal auto transport is a car shipping method where a carrier will pick up your vehicle from or deliver it to a location that is not your residence or place of business. This method of auto transport is not limited to pick up -OR- delivery at these non-residential locations; it is sometimes necessary to utilize a terminal service at both ends. Terminal to terminal auto transport is used in situations where a client’s travel schedule may not allow them to be at either the point of pickup or delivery and they may not have any other person who is able to assist them with the vehicle shipping process. It would be advisable for someone considering shipping their car to speak to a transport agent who can best advise you on which shipping service will fit your situation.

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport and Vehicle Safety

Our company only utilizes quality terminals; this means 24/7 video monitored storage areas, locked auto transport terminal yards, and ample insurance coverage for all vehicles on site. In addition to this, even with terminal to terminal auto transport, your vehicle will only be handled by a high quality driver who has met our standards of service. Our drivers are required to have a 99% positive internal rating, a minimum 2 years in business and up-to-date licensing and insurance information on file.

Where are your Terminals?

Throughout the years we have been able to compile a list of terminals all across the Continental U.S., and we utilize these terminals weekly. The majority of these terminal locations are around major shipping lanes (major cities).

Terminal to terminal auto transport can be done from most points of pickup and delivery. There are situations where these terminals will be located between 50-100 miles from your preferred delivery point. No matter the situation, we will work hard to find a close terminal location for you and an auto transport plan that works.

Is Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping for me?

This method of transport doesn’t fit everyone’s car shipping schedule. In fact, our door-to-door auto transport method is actually recommended over this service for most clients. The convenience of having your vehicle delivered directly to your door just can’t be beat. There are cases however, when terminal to terminal car shipping is the only way to go.

Take the example of our client Dale D. You can read his review below.

I had an unique situation when the need arose to ship a 2010 Camaro from Michigan to New Mexico. There wasn't anyone there to receive it and I was arriving several days after the arrival of the car. Every car shipping company that I contacted insisted that someone would have to be at the destination site to receive the car for inspection and payment. However, Envision Auto Relocations secured a reliable terminal to store my vehicle until I arrived. The vehicle was inspected by the terminal personnel and paid for by credit card through Envision. John at Envision was reassuring over the phone which gave me confidence the entire shipping process would be as I expected. And he exceeded my expectations, honest and reliable. John assigned Jim Hill from J Hill Services, LLC to transport my vehicle. Shortly after Jim arrived to pick up my vehicle, I knew he would treat my vehicle as I would. I normally don't write reviews but I was compelled by the honesty & reliability of both John & Jim.

Dale D., Clinton Township, MI

Dale had a situation where terminal to terminal car shipping was a necessary method of transport for his son’s car. His son is in the military, stationed in New Mexico. Because of the limited flight schedule, and the high cost of shipping his son’s car all the way to the military base in New Mexico, it was recommended that Dale use terminal to terminal auto transport. Being able to find Dale a reliable terminal location in Albuquerque put his mind at ease. The car arrived at a secure facility days before his arrival and he was able to pick it up as soon as he got into town, and drive it to his son himself.

If you have a situation like this just let us know and we will come up with a solution that fits you.