We know dealers need to keep moving

It is very important to us that we develop mutually beneficial relationships with all of our dealer clientele. To make sure that this relationship remains productive, Envision Auto’s agents are very experienced in catering to their client’s schedule. Here are just a few examples of how good we really are…

Please keep in mind our client’s identity have been kept private.

Some activity this week:

AB Auto Sales, shipping 3 vehicles from Manheim, GA auction to Newark, NJ.

Schedule requirements: 2 days for pickup after payment was made.

This client regularly ships vehicles using our service. It is very important that pickup and delivery are coordinated properly with this client because the vehicles are actually shipped directly to an exporter in the Newark port. The company that ultimately takes delivery of the vehicle cannot tolerate any major delays, nor can our client afford the penalty of a delay.

The actual order was received on Monday 11/1, and a carrier was available for pickup the next afternoon. This was a new carrier in our network.

In preparing to dispatch the order, the actual agent who took the order:

    • Performed a 5 point background check on the carrier. This includes reviewing the carrier’s license, insurance, rating, reviews, and ability to cooperate with our clients schedule.


    • Made sure to clearly communicate the importance of delivery timing


  • Double checked that payment at the auction was done and all paperwork required by our dealer was done.

This specific carrier was only dispatched after it was determined that the carrier met our high standard requirements. It was because of this attention to detail that all of the vehicles were delivered on time to Newark, and ready for the trip to their ultimate destination.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a client who ships 1 or 50 vehicles every month, you will always receive the personalized service and security that Envision strives for.

These real life shipments are meant to show our clients that we want to make our process transparent, and constantly communicate with them.There is nothing that gives an auto transport broker a worse name than the people out there who just disappear when they can’t get the job done. Our dealers know that we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their vehicles are shipped on time. Our agents are always available by phone, email, and even instant message; day and night.

To all our potential clients….

    • With your current auto transport broker, is there anything about their service that you feel may be missing?


  • Has your auto transport broker ever really taken the time to explain what they do to ensure your vehicles will be picked up quickly and arrive safely…or does it always seem like they only think about your money?
  • Do you feel that you would benefit with a reliable, high quality car transport service on your side?

We would love to join your team, and discuss how Envision Auto Relocations can expand your business today.

John Andrews

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