3 Sure-fire ways for a Pleasant Auto Transport Experience

Shipping a vehicle with a professional company like Envision, ensures a seamless transport process. Our job is to arrange for pickup of your vehicle from point A to B, and to make sure that the vehicle gets there on schedule and in the same condition as when it left you.
That sounds easy enough, right?

Here are the 3 GOLDEN RULES for AUTO Transport:

• Give a 1 to 4 day window for pickup from your first available shipping date
• Always ask for a copy of your Bill of Lading & Inspection Report
• Always ask for a copy of your driver’s insurance certificate

Our goal is to provide you with a superior level of service and a crystal clear line of communication throughout your transport.

Let’s go over the “why?” behind the GOLDEN RULES…and why Envision follows them so strictly.

1. Always ask for a copy of your driver’s insurance certificate:
You may be surprised to hear that while doing research on our competition, 0 out of 21 companies offered to provide a copy of an insurance certificate prior to a vehicle being picked up. Most did not even know what the rules on cargo insurance were!

With Envision, every transport begins with an inquiry and verification of a valid insurance policy. It all starts here. When your vehicle is insured, you’re protected.

A valid copy of insurance will be sent to you via email once a driver is assigned to pick up your vehicle.

2. Give a 1 to 4 day window for pickup from your first available shipping date:

Everyone has a schedule to keep, and Envision’s agents are very time-conscious. An order placed with Envision will be picked up on the first or second day of availability over 70% of the time. We believe that we can move any vehicle in the country, on any route, within a 1 to 4 day window. We have yet to back down from a challenge.

You may ask, “If you’re so confident, why 1 to 4 days?”

If any unforeseen circumstances arise regarding your transport, a 1 to 4 day window is ample time for us to make alternate arrangements that ensure your shipment is completed in a timely manner.
As a comparison, Envision asks for 1 to 4 days while 95% of other common carriers would normally ask for a 7 day pickup window, and sometimes up to 10 days. Envision is more time-conscious than 100% of the competition.

3. Always ask for a copy of your Bill of Lading & Inspection Report:

Envision takes the safety of your vehicle very seriously. This GOLDEN RULE is just plain common sense; but you’d be surprised to hear that 7 of 10 other companies competing for your business make no mention of this rule to you, or to the driver handling your vehicle.

Envision will send you a shipping order form by email. This is part of a short list of documents that you should keep for your records. Another is the Bill of Lading & Inspection Report. A copy of the BOL should go to your contact at the pickup and delivery point, as an accurate record of the transport.

Our safety record is impeccable, averaging out to 1 minor incident per 300+ transports. We make this possible by carefully screening each and every driver moving vehicles for us. Any past history of damage is an immediate disqualifier from our preferred driver list.

Envision’s agents provide specific instructions to drivers to ensure that your vehicle’s safety comes before anything else. Make sure that your auto transport company follows these rules and you will have a great experience shipping your vehicle.

Remember, transporting a vehicle across country is extremely safe and efficient compared to driving it yourself. If you have the right company working for you, this process will be stress free and simple.

Written by: John Andrews

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