Diesel prices soar..How does this affect your vehicle shipment?

Times, they are changing. Diesel fuel is holding steady at some of the highest prices that we have ever seen. This should be one of the most important considerations for all clients right now, when selecting an auto transport company to work with.

A new report was released today by the U.S. Energy Information Administration confirming that gasoline and diesel fuel prices have increased nationwide by an average of about 3 cents per gallon. This has been a common result for fuel prices, week after week since the beginning of 2011.

If you are a new auto transport client, please read on to find out this affects the shipment of your vehicle. If you have used our service hundreds of times in the past, read on to get a good snapshot of the current situation.

In a few short words:

Diesel prices directly affect your shipping cost.

The price of diesel fuel has a direct relationship with the cost of shipping a vehicle, anywhere in the country. An auto transport that cost you $500 last year, or even last season, will cost you at least $650 today. Certain parts of the country are seeing an even larger hike in the price of a vehicle transport depending on the price of diesel in the state or region in which the vehicle is being picked up and delivered.

This is something that should be expected, but is still hard to bear. Everyone from the manufacturer to the end user of the vehicle has been suffering.

There is some good news to go along with this though… Vehicles are still moving! The transport industry, although going through some major changes right now, is holding strong. The inexperienced companies who are unable to control costs, and aren’t paying enough attention to the news in their line of work won’t last forever. These companies may be rallying to earn your business by giving you a cheap auto shipping quote compared to others that you’ve received.

At Envision Auto Relocations, we guide our clients through the vehicle shipping process and work to come up with an economical and efficient option for your auto transport. We are constantly working with dealers to cut their own shipping costs. In the long run, by developing an exclusive network of carriers for their popular shipping lanes all of our dealer clients will achieve economies of scale that they wouldn’t be able to develop anywhere else.

We’re growing every single day because of our ability to meet our client’s transportation needs, and we are constantly identifying ways that we can outperform their expectations. Our ideal client is anyone from a small to medium sized car dealer, classic car collector, or private individual who is looking for an auto transporter that they can depend on. We haven’t forgotten about the big guys out there either, and have added the highest volume Lexus dealer in the world to our client list, in JM Lexus.

All of our clients have the opportunity to utilize all of the tools on our tool belt when shipping a vehicle. If your short on time, and need to give a client that is buying, or even considering buying a vehicle from you or your car dealership…if you are buying 1, 5, 10, or 50 cars from an auto auction…are doing a dealer trade…need to pickup a lease return…or just happen to have a friend that needs an auto transport quote, please visit our services page and fill in our short quote request form. We will get back to you within 15 minutes with an accurate quote for any transport.

If your not in a rush, call us directly at 561.210.7790, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your business, and find out how your company (and bottom line) will benefit by adding our experience to your team. Envision Auto looks forward to moving your inventory!

Written By: John Andrews

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