Do You Need Additional Insurance When Shipping Your Car?

When you choose to ship a car cross-country, you’re doing it because you value it – you don’t want it exposed to unnecessary mileage and wear-and-tear. Naturally, you want it protected, so the question of additional insurance comes up.

According to federal law, all auto transport carriers are required to carry a minimum of $750,000 in insurance for their cargo. Most of the carriers that we work with opt to have $1 million or more of coverage, with no extra expense to you. This means that if your car is damaged at any point during transportation, loading, or unloading – the carrier’s insurance policy will be liable without affecting any insurance you already have on the vehicle.

Accidents and damages for open air auto transport are rare. But if you desire the maximum protection for your vehicle, we recommend enclosed auto transport – which shields your vehicle from open air exposure through the duration of the trip. Whichever you choose, you can rest easy knowing that an additional fee or insurance coverage is not necessary.

Written By: John Andrews

Posted in: Auto Shipping 101

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