Running from Winter: 3 Helpful Snowbird Car Transport Tips

Snowbird Car Transport MapSnowbird Car Transport Tips

Are you one of Florida’s semi-annual snowbird residents? Are you helping an elderly relative plan their car transport? Have you been disappointed by the auto transport company that you’ve selected to ship your car? Unfortunately many others have shared these feelings with you. These Snowbird car transport tips should alleviate the stress of shipping your vehicle. Read on, and you’ll be sipping margarita’s on the beach in no time.

We’re here to solve your troubles with this simple step by step guide on how to select a shipper for your next snowbird car transport. If you follow this guide correctly, it should be the last time that you have to seek out a new auto transporter.

Most snowbirds have had trouble with their selected auto transport company’s reliability, or had scheduling and/or pricing issues. There are a few simple reasons for this, and they are all interrelated.

Tip #1

Select a company that has been in business for at least 3 years. Reliability goes hand in hand with length of time in business.

Transport companies that have been around longer will have a bigger contact list built up than someone who just opened this year. A transport company’s ability to call on in-network carriers to guarantee that a space is reserved for your vehicle shipment during the busy snowbird transport season is a huge plus.

More experienced companies will also be able to share more transport knowledge with you. Their guidance should help take the stress out of your car shipping experience.

Tip #2

Invest in a quality service. If you received 10 quotes, discard the 5 cheapest prices and do research on the remaining companies (check the Better Business Bureau!).

You’ll never get the most by spending the least. This holds true with auto transport. Experienced business owners who’ve been competing with the same 9 transport companies for more than 3 years should know what kind of prices they’re sending out to potential clients. It’s no big secret! If you’d like, checkout this page on how car transport rates are determined before requesting your own quote. It would be way too easy to show potential clients the lowest number (price) for a snowbird transport. Cheap prices mean there’s trouble ahead.

A quality service will provide insurance coverage during your car transport, on demand customer service, and an accurate pickup and delivery schedule. Investing in a quality auto transport company is a smart move; for the sake of your blood pressure, and your car.

 Tip #3

Don’t procrastinate. Book your Snowbird car transport early.

Carriers do fill up. Auto transport trailers only carry 8-11 cars at one time. When talking about seasonal routes that Snowbird ship their cars on, car carriers plan each shipment well in advance. Simple supply and demand says that once the limited truck space starts filling up, and the demand for this space increases, the price for each spot will increase as well. Did I lose you?

Just remember, booking early will save you a few bucks, if you leave early. Savvy shippers have space reserved on a truck before they fill up. Get the shipping process started with a car transport quote. If you’ve followed our tips, you’ll have located a company like Envision Auto Relocations; someone who doesn’t ask for a deposit until your car is on a truck. So why wait?

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