Equipment Defines Different Auto Transport Companies

Auto Transport Companies

      First, most auto transport companies will load your vehicle on a multi-car trailer. Examples of multi-car trailers can be seen at new car dealerships. Sometimes these vehicles are wrapped in white plastic. Have you ever seen one? 

Before a carrier loads a vehicle onto his truck, he will do a complete inspection. Then, he will hand the client a copy of this inspection report.

Once this inspection is complete the vehicle can be driven onto the car trailer and secured in place using tie down wheel straps. Experienced carriers will use their best judgement to load vehicles in the safest position on the trailer.

Good and great auto transport companies provide the same level of service that the major dealerships are accustomed to. Timely pickups and deliveries, and full insurance coverage throughout the transport are all part of a standard shipment.

 Open Auto Transport Companies

A normal multi-car carrier is called an open auto transporter; or an open car carrier. Normally, these car carriers have the following qualities:

  • They carry between 7-10 cars/trucks/SUVs depending on the size and weight of those vehicles.
  • They usually have a combined gross weight rating of 79,500 lbs including their truck, trailer and cargo.  
  • A car trailer’s allotted weight limit is based on the specific type of equipment being used.
  • Individual vehicles they are shipping on the carrier must be calculated so that the carrier doesn’t exceed this allowable amount.
  • Have full insurance coverage for every vehicle on the car trailer

An open auto transport is the most common type of car shipping service, and the most budget friendly. 

Find out how budget friendly by getting an auto transport quote here

 Enclosed Auto Transport Company Equipment

These companies differ from open auto transporters in a couple of ways.

  • They use fully covered trailers.
  • Enclosed carriers typically carry more insurance, since their cargo is typically more valuable.

You may need this type of car shipping service if you are moving a classic car, a high end vehicle, or exotic car. To ship these types of cars, you may chose from the following 2 types of enclosed trailers.

  • Hard-side
  • Soft-side

It’s important to know which type of carrier your vehicle should go on. 

For very high-end, classic, or exotic car shipping, a hard-side enclosed carrier is the correct choice. This provides FULL protection from the elements. In this type of trailer, extra care can also be taken by covering your vehicle with thin painter’s plastic. This will provide a virtually dust free environment.

If your vehicle deserves the added benefit of being covered but might not merit a fully enclosed trailer; a soft side enclosed trailer will still give you great peace of mind and outstanding protection. 

Many Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s have been shipped via soft-side enclosed car carriers. 

Insurance For Expensive Cars

In addition to better equipment enclosed  transport companies carry larger insurance policies to cover their high-end vehicle cargo. 

Transport agents will verify that your vehicle has ample insurance coverage before it is loaded. 

Insurance coverage always comes at no cost to the consumer. Read more about it here.

Vehicle values are discussed with the hired transport company before your car is loaded onto its assigned truck. 

Flatbed Auto Transport Companies

Flatbed car carriers run shorter routes between 1 to 250 miles. 

When vehicles break down close to home this type of transporter will come to the rescue.

Flatbeds are able to winch broken down vehicles onto the back of a trailer. These trucks also use a stinger to hook up behind the vehicle’s wheels and tow it. 

When cars break down locally, the nearest repair shop is a common destination. 

To recap, Flatbed carriers are:

  • Normally used for shorter routes between 1 to 250 miles
  • Normally have winches to recover broke down vehicles
  • Utilized for heavy equipment
  • Fully insured 

More Transporter Types

These few different types of carriers are by no means all there is out there. Within the open and enclosed categories alone there are dozens of different car trailers that handle many different types of shipments 


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