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About Your Car Shipping Problem

We all know why you’re here. There would be no other reason to browse a term like Florida car shipping company unless you were looking for just that. Luckily, with Envision you’ve found the benefit of a guide with 50 years combined car shipping experience, and someone who will walk you through this stressful process. Our company transports thousands of vehicles across the United States every year.

We’re happy to work on your transport at no upfront cost, and we have the ability to guarantee pickup dates when necessary. Those two thing alone should alleviate most of the stress of this process. Whether your shipping a car to California or any other state in this great nation; we can help! Envision is an auto transport company that you can count on.

Native Floridian Car Shippers

Envision Auto Relocations is one of the few car shipping companies that was started by a Florida native. Our home state is a popular place for car shipping, and our home county of Palm Beach is one of the country’s busiest transport hubs. For us, it’s not all sunshine and time on the beach as most people think when they talk about Floridians.

At Envision, we always work hard for our clients and continually strive to be the best in this wild business that most people simply refer to as the auto transport industry.

This hard work has earned Envision an “A” Rating with the BBB. Taking great care of our clients from has allowed us to keep this rating from day 1. We are one of only 6 companies shipping cars in the entire Southeast region of Florida that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It’s in bold because we’re proud. If you knew how competitive even our home city of Boca Raton was when it comes to the amount of auto transporters to select from; you’d know why we’re so very proud of that BBB accreditation.

Envision Auto Relocations Inc. is a family owned and operated business.

Envision Auto’s current CEO is John Andrews; a proud graduate of the ever-growing Florida Atlantic University. John graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in Management and Marketing.

John Andrews



Questions for the CEO:

So John, how did you get into this car shipping business anyways?

“Well…I was always interested in courses like supply chain management, logistics, and economics in college; and before I graduated I landed my first transportation sales job to pay my tuition. It was fun, exciting and always a challenge learning how work through specific client’s car shipping plans. I excelled pretty quickly and before graduation I had bigger ideas than just being an agent.”

Describe for me where the name Envision came from.

“You know for me picking the right name was really important. I’m very passionate about this business and our clients. I didn’t want to be just another common guy like Florida Car Shipping Company or something plain. I wanted it to mean something.”

So what does it mean?

“Well.. I understand our clients. Most people who need to ship a car usually go through the same process of requesting a quote online and getting a lot of phone calls immediately from several different companies. The amount of information thrown at them is unbelievable at times. When I started in this business I always talked to people who seemed really frustrated about the way that their transport experience played out with other car shipping companies. “

“So…I had a dream about my own company being a place where we could work toward alleviating the stress of the car shipping process and make it easy for people. “

“In reality, it should be…”

“Let’s say you as a client want to ship a car from Florida to New York. Any reasonable person would expect good timely service, insurance coverage for their vehicle at no cost, and want to know that the transportation company will only get paid if and when he completes the job. That doesn’t sound so complicated right?”

“So..the name… Envision a company who does just that! (Laughs) And nothing more unless you ask us to do more. I don’t want that to come out the wrong way, we always go above and beyond for our clients. But why over complicate the car shipping process?!”

“There are so many young companies out there just throwing stuff against the wall and hoping something sticks. Crazy sales pitches…believe me I’ve heard some really really bad ones; along with shipping processes that just don’t make sense and confuse people. I just could never figure out how and why someone would want to run a company that way.”

I think this question actually has perfect timing.(laughs) What are the benefits of using a car shipping company like Envision over the competition?

“This is another question that’s so simple to answer, but still keeps me up at night because we lose a lot of business over it. With us, you benefit from a company wide policy of complete honesty with our clients. We don’t have or need fancy sales pitches. We don’t feed you a ton of information. If you want an answer you’ll get it…but if you just want a honest company who will ship your car safely at a fair amount, then that’s what Envision will always give.”

“You benefit from only having to make 1 phone call to complete you car transport. It’s that easy.”





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