Questions on Auto Relocation timing

On average, transit times are the following:

East – West (and reverse) 7-10 days CA to FL, NY to WA

North – South (and reverse) 3-5 days NY to FL, WA to CA

To/from Texas 4-7 days FL to TX, IL to TX

To/from Alaska 14-21 days GA to AK

Keep in mind that each route is different. These times represent the average time it takes in transit from pickup to delivery. Please ask your transport agent for the auto transport time details for your exact route.

The most important thing to remember when reviewing this section is that Envision Auto Relocations is always available to give our clients up to the minute updates on their transport status. This means that your move will be stress free! Car shipping is very easy when you have an auto relocation company that is truly looking out for you. 

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