Car Transport CompaniesWhat Do Car Transport Companies Do?

Car transport companies come in all shapes and sizes – almost literally, too. From the one-man shows to the huge fleets, from the brokers that ship twenty cars a week to those that handle twenty a day.

There are thousands of car transport companies, all of whom will compete to ship your vehicle. But how do you go about finding the best car transport companies in the industry?

They all offer the same types of services – from door-to-door auto transport services to overseas transportation, most everyone does it all. On this helpful page we’ll break down the different types of car transport companies and how they work together to ship your vehicle.

Most Car Transport Companies are Freight Brokers Who Ship Cars

First, there are freight brokers who specialize in auto transport. The ones that you talk to, the people who sit in their offices all day talking to customers and arranging transportation for them.

They’re the go-to contact for all things auto transport. They have the time and the manpower to handle necessary customer service. That’s what we do. We work as a full-time freight brokerage, and what we do specifically is communicate and coordinate the transportation of cars across all 50 states.

We’ll take all your information, compile your quote, and when you book your transport. We’ll handle all the paperwork, then make pickup and delivery arrangements. After assigning your carrier we’ll keep you in the loop about what’s going on.

Car Carriers & Transporters

Next, we have carriers who physically ship your vehicle from point A to point B. They drive 10+ hours a day and don’t have a lot of time to spend talking to customers on the phone. They’re not allowed to talk and drive. Realistically, the only time you’ll be speaking to your carrier directly is when they’re loading or unloading your vehicle. Otherwise you’ll be talking to your car transport representative at the hired company.

Carriers are also limited in terms of what they know about the industry – most only know as much to keep their trucks running and organize their schedules efficiently, and make sure they make money.

A car transport representative has to know everything about the industry. They must know pricing differences from region to region, and how weather will affect your transport. Transport reps have to know all the ins and outs of the industry.

Becoming a good transport agent takes a lot of training and years of experience. Wouldn’t you want to speak to someone who really knows what they’re talking about? All our representatives have worked in the industry for many years. Anyone here can answer questions you have about vehicle transport.

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