How Google Helps Online Auto Dealers & Car Transport Brokers

How Google Helps Online Auto Dealers & Car Transport Brokers

Google’s search feature is enhancing auto dealer’s ability to sell cars, and car transport broker’s ability to ship them. Google is really, really good at finding something that could be improved on, and improving upon it.

If you want someone to search something online, or look something up on the web, you tell them to Google it. And Google is now providing more ways for customers to find online cars, and obtain quotes for how much they cost.

A One Stop Shop for Car Buying

Google can essentially facilitate an entire transaction between a customer and various car dealers online. Buying a car online is only in the infant stages, but is getting easier everyday.

Running a google search for a Ford Explorer for sale in Reno, Nevada, will return lots of useful results. You no doubt find some dealers thanks to these search results. Browsing their inventory should be easy.

Getting some price quotes should be simple also. Most stages of a car buying process can be facilitated through Google’s SERPs.

While this may not seem like a big deal to the auto transport industry, it’s actually huge.

A lot of auto transport brokers work with online vehicle shoppers. These shoppers buy vehicles in different states, and ship them back to the their own home state.

Hundreds of thousands of cars are shipped every year – it’s a major part of the automotive industry. Online automotive dealerships, while still somewhat small, are growing rapidly.

Car Transport Broker’s Perfect Match

If Google gets in on this and starts to facilitate transactions between dealers and customers, they’re just a step away from selling cars themselves. Although Google’s not in the car selling business,  it will still put more online car shoppers on Google.

Since car transport brokers tend to advertise on Google, chances are they’re going to see an increase in traffic because of Google’s relationship with auto dealers.

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