Hawaii Auto TransportAuto transport services to Hawaii are available from a number of different companies, but in terms of actually moving it overseas, there are really only a handful that provide quality service at a reasonable price. At Envision Auto Relocations, we work hard to ensure that the auto transport services we provide are top-notch and at a reasonable price, but we go beyond that – we tell our customers the full truth about both the advantages and the drawbacks of Hawaii auto transport services, and in this helpful article we’ll explain a bit about the process of moving your vehicle to Hawaii and how we can provide quality transportation services for your specific transport needs.

You can ship a vehicle from anywhere in the contiguous U.S. to Hawaii, but it will cost a bit more than standard auto transportation because the transport happens in sections. To start, when you book your shipment with us, we’ll find an auto shipping carrier to pick your vehicle up from wherever in the U.S. it is and then transport it to the port on the west coast. Most of our shipments to Hawaii go through the port of Long Beach, but as it isn’t the only port that offers transportation to Hawaii it may be different, and we recommend speaking to your auto transport representative for the full specifics on your move. Anyway, the carrier that is transporting your vehicle to the port will drop it off, sign all necessary documents when it does so, and from there the port will load it onto one of the various cargo vessels that transports it overseas. Most shipping companies that operate large cargo vessels run bi-weekly (or twice a month), and while we try to arrange your shipment to arrive within a few days of the next ship’s departure, it may take up to a week or more to actually be loaded onto a cargo ship.

You can fill out our free online quote request form via our quote form to the left and get a specialized auto transport quote from anywhere in the U.S. to Hawaii through your e-mail within the hour, as well as a telephone call from one of our representatives, if you leave your telephone number with us. You can also skip the waiting, if you’d like, and give us a quick toll-free phone call and speak to one of our representatives yourself. They can calculate your specialized quote for our Hawaii auto transport services and answer any questions you may have that pertain to the car transport industry.

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