Tips for Winning a Classic Car at Auction

Auto auctions can be excellent places to acquire exotic, classic, or rare vehicles. However, it takes skills to place the winning bid without going bankrupt. If you’re new to the auto auction circuit, these tips will come in handy.

Familiarize Yourself: Once you’ve located an auction, familiarize yourself with the inventory. This important preparation step allows you to do two things: research the going rates for the vehicles you are interested in, and learn what maintenance (if any) those vehicles may need, which you can factor into your bidding limit. By keeping your focus on a few “target” vehicles, you’ll be in a better position to get a vehicle you want at a fair price.

Do Some Practices Runs: This is especially helpful if you’ve never attended any sort of auction before. Pay attention to the ebb and flow of the bidding and learn who the high-bidders are. This should give you a better idea of when to bid and when to pass.

Set a Limit: Believe it or not, it can be easy to get carried away when bids are flying back and forth on a vehicle you really want. Set a price limit for yourself and remember to stick with it.

Get an Inspection: Most auction houses offer little protection for your purchase. To avoid any problems before you take the vehicle home, have it inspected by a professional.

Use a Trustworthy Auto Shipper: Envision has the experience necessary to complete your classic car shipment correctly. Just like with any other of our transports, we only use highly experienced and responsible drivers for classic car transport. We also recommend shipping a classic car by an enclosed carrier. These enclosed carrier drivers know the cars that they are dealing with and how to take care of them. They are the best classic car shippers in the business.

Written By: John Andrews

Posted in: Luxury Car Shipping

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