White Glove Service: The Benefits of Shipping Your Car Enclosed

There is one very important advantage when shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier: protection.

In its simplest form, enclosed auto transport is exactly what it sounds like. When you utilize this auto transport service, your vehicle will be loaded onto a fully enclosed car trailer. When you invest a large amount of money in a classic car or exotic vehicle, the best decision that can be made after that purchase is to ship the car via enclosed carrier.

But, maximum safety involves more than just loading your vehicle on to one of these enclosed carriers. At Envision, we take the time to learn everything that we can about your vehicle to make sure that we match you with an enclosed trailer that is right for the task at hand.

For example, exotic vehicles normally have very limited ground clearance, and extra care must be taken to avoid damage when loading and unloading. For that reason, we will only match you with carriers that use lift gates or low profile ramps to ensure your vehicle’s safety. We’ll also ensure that your vehicle will only travel with clean cars of similar quality. You won’t need to worry about another vehicle dripping oil or other fluids onto your paint job.

We know that attention to detail in trailer selection will make a huge difference in your level of satisfaction. For more information or a quote on shipping services, contact us today.

Written By: John Andrews

Posted in: Luxury Car Shipping

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