2017 – An Evolutionary Year for Car Shipping Rates

2017 – An Evolutionary Year for Car Shipping Rates

An Evolutionary Year for Car Shipping Rates


The term “back in the day” for this post’s purpose takes us back about 12 years, when google was a different animal altogether. The competitive pool was small back then. Someone moving across the country would simply have to look for 3 car shipping rates online, and select one of those 3 companies.


In 2005 Google Analytics was released, which allowed any company operating online to get a more clear picture of how their website was performing. This allowed small auto transport companies to expand their reach online and provide quotes to people who needed to ship a car directly, without a huge Adwords budget.


Those were the golden years, some would argue. Paper leads and fax machines, ah life was simple.


Simple, but inefficient.


The Rise of the Auto Transport Machine


Now there are seemingly 220 ways to get in touch with prospective clients, and at least 4,070 car transport companies to choose from.


Through increased competition car shipping rates have fallen sharply online. While great for the consumer, many OGs of auto transport just couldn’t keep their doors open long enough to see last year through to completion.


Unfortunate, but not unexpected.


The competitive landscape today is unlike any other. There are tens of thousands of online searches for vehicle transport rates daily, and a select few quality companies are dominating the SERPs.


While we’re climbing the SEO ladder, clients are still able to get a car shipping rate from us online through productive associations with other companies. We’ve partnered with car shipping lead generation companies like A1 Auto Transport who ranks highly in organic search for many things related to auto transport.


Software Still Falls Short in Car Shipping Rate Automation


Although the auto transport machine just keeps churning out quotes, and cars keep moving; we believe that there’s plenty of room for improvement…and this might be the year for a big change.


Most companies who have taken a swing at automating the car shipping process have struck out. They’ve been unable to match a client’s needs with their software’s capabilities.


You can still find an automated transport option online. But not a great one. How much will you miss the personality and guidance of a good car shipping agent?


Personalized service and a live, experienced transport agent’s advice is invaluable. How do you get personalized service online? Can the auto transport machine evolve into an all in one package for consumers?

One day traditional car shipping companies may see the auto transport machine truly take over. 


Is 2017 that year?


We saw it coming…check out this post from 2013

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