Clearing Customs: What You Need to Ship a Car Internationally

Shipping your vehicle internationally is different than shipping within US, but the differences are quite manageable. For starters, you should prep your vehicle for shipping just as you would normally:

•    Clean and wash your vehicle
•    Inspect your vehicle to make sure it is in good running condition (check the battery, fluids, and tires)
•    Remove ALL personal items from the car
•    Turn off alarm, remove antenna, fold mirrors back
•    Remove loose parts or cover and store them carefully- including lights and mirrors
•    Take photographs/video of the vehicle and date this information. Make sure that the shipping agent has also documented everything you have in your personal records.
•    Make sure that the vehicle only has a quarter-tank of fuel

Once everything is set, you need to ensure that your vehicle will pass customs regulations for the country you want to ship to. Customs procedures and required documentation varies from country to country. Restrictions commonly apply to the size or location of the steering wheel, the vehicle’s age, and other factors. To find out which regulations apply to your vehicle or destined country, check with the World Customs Organization.

Please note that most shipping lines run on a weekly schedule, so you should take this in consideration when planning to ship your vehicle internationally.

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