Moving Across the Country? Tips for Relocating

Relocating is a major life-change that requires lots of preparation and organization. To help keep your head on your shoulders, we’ve put together some relocating tips:

Plan Far Ahead – When you’re relocating cross-country, you won’t have the luxury of traveling back-and-forth to complete your move. Make sure you have plenty of time to pack and plan to make the process easier.

Pick a Moving Method – The way you decide to relocate will have a major impact on your planning. Will you pack everything into your car and drive it? Will you rent a truck, or hire a moving company? If you pick either of the latter two choices, what will you do with your car? If it’s a far move, it may be worthwhile hire someone to relocate your car separately.

Pack Well – Invest in durable boxes to protect your belongings, and try to pack only the home essentials. If you haven’t used that crepe maker in the last five years, it may be better to give it away. You’ll also want to find and organize any important papers before you move (such as passports, birth certificates, auto registrations, etc.). Lastly, take inventory and label your boxes to make sure you have everything, and also to make unpacking easier.

Keep Your Cool – Don’t let Murphy’s Law get the better of you during a relocation. Focus on the positives and look forward to settling into your new home.

Written By: John Andrews

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