Six Reasons Why Shipping a Car Cross-Country is Better than Driving It

One of the most common questions that we get from customers here at Envision Auto Relocations is “should I ship my car?” Unless they’re shipping a classic car that they want to preserve, most people wonder why they don’t just drive – after all, isn’t that what the car was built to do? However, there are many hidden costs and disadvantages that come with driving:

Time: Can you afford the 3-5 days it could take to drive your car cross-country? Not only is your personal time used up, but you might be losing paid time at work as well.

Fuel: The price of fuel can go above your estimate, and rest stops tend to charge a bit more than what you could get in the suburbs. If your car is an older gas-guzzling model, your fuel costs might exceed what the shipping cost would have been.

Accommodations: Unless you plan to sleep in your car, motel/hotel stays could run you $50 to $100+ per night.

Food: Depending on what you are able to pack, you may spend an average of $30 per day to keep yourself fed – not counting coffee, snacks, or energy drinks to keep you alert on the road.

Maintenance: This is one of the main reasons people choose to ship their car. If you want to drive your car cross-country, you’ll be paying for an oil change, tire rotation, and other wear-and-tear maintenance.

Safety: The longer you’re out on the road, the greater your chances of breaking down or getting into accident. Even if there weren’t a cost associated with those events, they’re definitely something that you want to avoid.

Instead of dealing with all of those risks and costs, shipping your car can be a more appealing option. Get an instant car shipping quote from us today!

Written By: John Andrews

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