Classic Car TransportMaking the Classic Car Transport Decision

Let’s be upfront and honest; deciding on carrying out a classic car transport seems like it would be stressful from start to finish. Seldom do we ship a classic car that is not either extremely rare or valuable. Envision has the experience necessary to complete your classic car shipment correctly. We are here to take stress away from our clients and provide a pleasant shipping experience all the way through.

We know that the car that your considering shipping is your baby, and in some cases it may be (or may one day be) a very important family heirloom. So, what is the number one worry that you have when shipping your classic (and possibly extremely rare) car?

We know that you’re worried about how the car will be handled. When it comes to classic car transport and Envision, we have the ability to put your mind at ease. Just like with any other transport, we only use highly experienced and responsible drivers for classic car transport. We also highly recommend shipping a classic car by an enclosed carrier. These drivers know the cars that they are dealing with and how to take care of them. They are the best classic car shippers in the business.

Classic Car Transport Service Points
– Full inspection required upon pickup/delivery

– Pictures taken prior to loading

– Insurance certificate provided upon request

– 100% positive feedback required for carrier in network

A classic car transport will save you from putting any unnecessary miles or stress on your vehicle, and keep your investment safe from the normal encounters of a long road trip.

Classic Car Transport by Enclosed Carrier

Classic vehicles often go hand in hand with a significant investment in time to locate the car of your dreams, followed by a significant financial investment to make it your own. Wherever the car may be located; the best decision that can be made after purchasing your classic car would be to transport it by an enclosed carrier. There is no better way to protect your gem than to ship by enclosed carrier.

Even with all of the experience in the world, you as the client will still want your vehicle handled in a certain way. We know the questions to ask, and want to know what kind of specific instructions you have for your classic car transporter. Here are a few simple examples…

Does your battery need to be disconnected?

This might apply to a vehicle that still needs some mechanical work. Saving battery life will also save load/unload time and inoperable vehicle charges. Be sure to let us know all the details your can about your classic vehicle prior to pickup.

Is there a certain procedure for starting your classic car properly?

Some of the classics are finicky. No one knows your car like you, and no one knows how to operate better either. Providing your driver with instructions for starting your vehicle is just one of those little things that helps your classic car transport run smoother.

Has the vehicle ever been exposed to rain?

We have every intention of caring for your vehicle in the same manner that you do daily. If your classic or collector car has never been exposed to rain, let us know! Paint jobs on these types of vehicles are usually very costly, along with the detail jobs that are done on them.

Are there hidden switches or alarms that we need to know about?

Enabling or disabling an alarm or some other type of hidden switch on a classic car can be the difference between a fully charged or dead battery upon arrival. Help us help you by notifying your driver of anything at all that may be unique about your car.

Having years of experience with a long list of clients who only deal in classic vehicles gives us (and you) an advantage when dealing with your classic car transport. We know what investing in a classic car means, and what the car means to you. Every classic car holds either a high sentimental or financial value.

Envision will approach your classic car transport in a different way than any other auto transporter out there. We will not sacrifice quality of service for speed at any time; yet we are still overly confident in how quickly we can get your transport completed. The needs of our client’s and the classic or collector vehicles that they own are priority number one. Protect your investment by transporting your classic car with Envision Auto Relocations.