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Motorcycle Shipping

As you search for an auto transport company to ship your motorcycle, you will hear about many different transport methods. The truth is that there are many brokers out there who claim to know how to handle a motorcycle shipment, but their service falls short in the end. The proper way to ship a motorcycle is by an enclosed carrier. Motorcycles are not typically subjected to constant exposure to the elements, and an enclosed trailer offers the protection that your bike needs.

The Motorcycle Shipping Process

The process involved in shipping a motorcycle is very similar to shipping any other vehicle by enclosed trailer. There are a few differences in the way that the motorcycle is loaded and secured to the trailer.

The first step in this process is to call your transport agent and give all of the specifics that you can about the motorcycle that you are shipping. Your transport agent will then provide an accurate quote to ship your motorcycle by an enclosed trailer.

After your order has been placed your transport agent will locate the nearest carrier who can handle your shipment. After verifying that this trailer has met our standards of service, they will be assigned to pick up your motorcycle and you will be notified of a pickup schedule by phone.

Once the carrier arrives at your location they will do a proper inspection of the motorcycle and ask you to sign off on the bill of lading and inspection report. The carrier will then begin the loading process.

Depending on the length of the motorcycle, the bike will either be loaded parallel to the trailer length, or perpendicular to it. The way that the bike is loaded will also depend on the rest of the vehicles in the trailer and the amount of space available. The best location for a motorcycle shipment to be loaded on an enclosed trailer is the front; where it can be secured at 3 points. This provides support for the motorcycle using the proper straps.

After the bike is loaded it will be delivered to the address that you have provided. You will then be asked to complete and sign off on the bill of lading and inspection report, and pay the driver any remaining balance due on the transport.

That’s it!

Motorcycle Shipping Pricing

There is a difference in pricing for a motorcycle and a car or truck based on the size and weight. As you can read in our section on car transport rates, vehicle size and weight is a major determining factor in auto transport pricing. Although motorcycles are lighter and take up less space, the move is more technical than simply driving a car onto a trailer and securing it in place. The parts on a motorcycle are more fragile, and the bike must be handled correctly to avoiding scratching any chrome parts or a custom paint job.

In comparison, you should be able to ship most motorcycles by enclosed trailer for about the same amount that you can ship a regular sedan by open auto transport.

If you would like to received a quote for motorcycle shipping please use the quote form on the left side of this page, or call our office today!