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Open Auto TransportWhat is Open Auto Transport?

Transporting your car by open auto transport means that your vehicle will be placed on an open trailer, outside, exposed to the elements. You may have seen an open car carrier before, perhaps entering or leaving a car dealership. Open auto transport is by far the most common and cheapest method of vehicle transportation utilized today.

Is Open Transportation Safe?

Yes! Even when transporting by an open trailer, this way of shipping is absolutely safe. This is a common FAQ for those who are new to the world of auto transport. Our carriers are always extra careful when loading and unloading vehicles, and always do regular maintenance on their car trailers to avoid any issues.

We have an outstanding safety record when it comes to open car shipping. Over a span of 3 years and over 10,000 vehicles shipped, minor incidents have occurred in less than 1% of vehicles shipped by open trailer.

Is Open Auto Transport for you?

Our team will always give our best advice and guide you to the best decision for your particular situation. You may want to consider shipping by open transport if:

Your vehicle is an everyday driver

Cars that are used everyday are normally transported by open auto transport. This is usually because it is the most economical way to ship your car. When it is necessary use an auto transporter for an everyday driver, most people will try not to spend too much on shipping cost.

You have a specific shipping budget

There is a general market rate for every auto transport route in the country, and our agents are well schooled on these rates. If you do have a budget that you absolutely need to ship within (and most people do!) we have more flexibility with open auto transport rates than any other type of service.

You are shipping a project or parts car

There are a couple variations on this situation because some “project” cars can be extremely rare; along with their parts! Most cases however, involve a true parts or project car that is neither expensive, in great condition, or very rare. In these cases it usually our client’s goal to invest the least amount possible in the shipment while also getting their project vehicle to them with some sense of speed. As we already know, open auto transport is the economical route when it comes to car shipping.

Your vehicle is not an exotic or classic car

Your car may not be an exotic or classic, but it’s also not extremely rare. In a case like this, you may be on the fence regarding the decision between an open or enclosed auto transport. If it’s in the budget, we always recommend enclosed; but also want you to know that your going to get the best service around either way. Our carriers always use wheel straps when securing vehicles to their trailers. At most companies, this is only provided with enclosed service. With our open transport service you will get this as a value added item, for free!

Your vehicle is oversized, or has a lift kit

Open auto transport is the best way to go when transporting a vehicle that is oversized or has a lift kit. With a car or truck like this, your going to need the extra room that an enclosed trailer is unable to provide. Make sure that you call us with specific dimensions and the size of wheels/tires that you have. This will allow us to provide you an accurate quote on this type of shipment.

You need to ship your car extremely fast

The large number of car carriers using this method gives our clients a logistical advantage. When you need to ship a car extremely fast, open car shipping is the way to go. At Envision, we can guarantee that if you follow our recommendations your vehicle can be loaded on a car trailer within 24-48 hours.

The specific vehicle that you are in need of transporting will be one determining factor in whether or not you can choose an open trailer. There are multiple transport service types that can be provided by open trailer, but you may want to consider shipping your car enclosed if it has:

  • Low clearance: 6 inches or less
  • A custom body kit
  • A low front air dam
  • Custom wheels (22” or larger)

 Open Car Shipping : The most common method

An abundance of independent drivers operating open trailers within the Continental U.S.A has led to open car shipping becoming the most frequently used type of car transportation. As of March 2013, the FMCSA reported that there were approximately 504,093 Interstate Freight Motor Carriers operating in the United States*. Our company has over 6,000 different carriers within our network that can provide open auto shipping. In fact, open car shipping is how approximately 95% of new vehicles are transported to car dealers directly.

* “Commerical Motor Vehicle Facts: March 2013.” Commercial Motor Vehicle Facts – March 2013 – CMV-Facts.pdf:. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 8 Apr. 2013. Web. 6 Jan. 2014. <http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/documents/facts-research/CMV-Facts.pdf>.