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Flatbed Vehicle ShippingUnlike open or enclosed auto transport carriers, there aren’t any options for “flatbed shippers” when you’re filling out free online auto shipping quote request forms, because unlike open or enclosed shippers, flatbed transporters aren’t a dime a dozen – they’re much less prevalent on the road, and most flatbed haulers will service mainly local areas or regional moves, not cross-country transportation like an open carrier. Not only that, but flatbed shippers handle a much more select group of vehicles: specifically, vehicles that are too large for open or enclosed carriers. There are other vehicles that may need a flatbed auto hauler, but those are very rare.

Typically, if you’re on the hunt for a flatbed vehicle shipping carrier, your auto transport representative told you after you got your quote. This isn’t surprising, because flatbed shipping trucks are only used a last resort. They’re used primarily to haul large, oversize vehicles, like we mentioned. Some of the more popular vehicles that require a flatbed carrier are lifted Super-Duty-sized pickups, massive cargo vans, Sprinter vans, limousines, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, travel trailers, industrial lawn mowers, Zambonis – anything that cant fit onto a standard carrier either because of size, weight or difficulty securing the vehicle.

These are important distinctions, and if you’re looking for vehicle shipping quotes to ship a vehicle we listed – or one that’s along the same lines as the ones we mentioned – you should ALWAYS have the dimensions of the vehicle. These can be approximate to the nearest foot, but we require the length, width, height and weight of the vehicle in question if it needs to be shipped on a flatbed. Certain things, like a Sprinter van, you may not need the dimensions for, but for everything else you should have them. And, now that we think about it, have the dimensions for a Sprinter too – you can never be too sure.

You can get a free quote to ship just about any type of vehicle by filling out our free online quote form to the left of this page. It’s simple to fill out and takes less than two minutes from start to finish, and you’ll get a free, specialized quote e-mailed to you over the next hour. If you leave your telephone number you’ll get a call from one of our friendly and experienced auto transport staff members, and you can even call us directly via the number at the top of the page if you’re interested in speaking to us directly. For more information, check out the “recommended reading” section below.

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