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Auto Transport Service Areas

Our company provides a full array of vehicle transport services throughout the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and certain areas of Canada. If you think that the auto transport service that you need may be unique, or you’ve had trouble finding someone who can give you a straight answer on how to complete your shipment; give us a call today or request a quote. There is rarely a logistical problem that we don’t have a solution for. Our company is constantly expanding and our service list is constantly growing.

We are not limited in size or scope to any service area. If you are unsure of what type of transport you need, please browse the Our Services menu where you will find lots of useful information. You will also find an alphabetized list of states below linking to pages which explain some recommendations on service types in those states, pricing on popular routes to and from those states, and some pointers on making the auto transport process easier for you in certain areas.

States We Ship To A-I

States We Ship To K-N

States We Ship To N-W

Hawaii Service Limits

In certain areas, there are limitations on the the type of vehicle transport services that we can provide. For instance, we do provide shipping to the state of Hawaii, but we do not provide shipping within the state of Hawaii. When your vehicle is shipped to one of the 4 main islands of Hawaii, you will be responsible for picking your vehicle(s) up at the destination port.

If however you are shipping your vehicle(s) from Hawaii to the mainland, then we can arrange for a car carrier to pickup your vehicle(s) from the arrival port and be delivered to any address provided. We are also certainly able to provide transport of your vehicle to any port of departure on the mainland.

For specific information regarding shipping to and from the beautiful state of Hawaii, click it. We’ll take you there. Mahalo!

Alaska Service Limits

The transport service types that we can provide to the state of Alaska are very similar to Hawaii. We would be happy to arrange for transportation of your car, Truck, or SUV to or from this state, but can not provide much help shipping within the state of Alaska. Any request for this type of service is so rare, that we do not currently have a list of local carriers to ship within the state of Alaska.

Shipping to and from Alaska is easy from the contiguous United States. When you contact us to request a transport quote, you will be asked questions about your preferred shipping schedule; and will be given a list of available arrival and departure dates out of the ports in Tacoma, WA and Seattle, WA. Based on a best fit for you, we can provide a quote and do the leg work necessary to arrange for transport of your vehicle to one of these ports. If your vehicle is arriving at one of these ports we can arrange to have it shipped to any address provided by you.

For more detailed information on Alaska auto transport, follow the link; or find it in the list below!

Puerto Rico Service Limits

Transporting to and from Puerto Rico involves the same limitations as shipping to any other island. Inter-island transportation requests are just so rare that they are unavailable. Lucky for you, the island is not that big and I’m sure that you will have no trouble picking up your vehicle from our secure location at the port of arrival.

Shipping your car to and from a port of departure in the contiguous U.S. is also a common practice. These types of transports usually take a little more planning and advance notice compared to a domestic shipment, including economic considerations on your part. Don’t delay, get in touch with one of our agents today and we can get the process started for you.

Canada Auto Transport

Snowbird shipping is a big part of our business down here in South Florida, so naturally we like to provide service to our neighbors up north also. These transports also require more planning than a plain domestic auto transport because they involve crossing a border.

Currently we can service the following areas:


Service within 150 km of U.S. border


Service within 150 km of U.S. border

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia

Pickup/delivery available to and from the U.S. side of border. Client will be responsible for taking vehicle across the border.

Auto Transport Service AreaIf you are looking for a free auto shipping quote to ship your vehicle to or from any of these states you can fill out our free online quote request form and get a free, customized auto transport quote from our friendly staff within minutes. You can also call us toll-free at 800-975-0670 and speak to one of our auto transport representatives, who can not only answer any questions you may have but who can also calculate your free auto transport quote right over the phone.