Alaska Auto ShippingAlaska has long been dominated by industries revolving around natural resources. Oil and gas are particularly large economic sectors – 80% of the state’s revenue comes from petroleum extraction and refining. Retail is also a major economic sector of the state and is especially prominent in the major metropolitan areas like Anchorage. Most crops and livestock that is raised in Alaska is also consumed within the state, which is an increasing rarity in today’s economy. Much of its imports and exports come through Anchorage, the largest port in the state. Alaska’s primary agricultural exports are seafood, specifically salmon and cod, as well as some grains, but not much, and its largest employment sector is the government, with natural resource extraction not far behind.

Alaska ranks number 1 in the United States in total area among the 50 states. However, its total population sits at just over 731,000, which is good for 47th largest in the U.S. in total population. Because of this, Alaska ranks dead last in population density – its largest city is Anchorage, though it’s hardly a huge city with a population of just over 290,000 residents. Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 by William Seward; for a time afterward the purchase and the territory was known as Seward’s Folly. However, Alaska is rich in natural resources and has been a major producer of a lot of resources that has made the United States richer than any other nation in the world in natural resources. As it is located away from the contiguous U.S., along the northwestern border of Canada and the far eastern border of Russia, Alaska is rather difficult to get to; no overland transporters will run through Canada up to Alaska, as the trip is barren, long and too expensive to be cost-effective for customers. Therefore, the only method of transport available to most customer is overseas auto transport.

This is why auto transport prices to or from Alaska are much more expensive than to or from anywhere in the contiguous United States. Overseas auto transport takes more time and effort than any other type of shipment and involves transportation over the Pacific Ocean, which is costly and time consuming in itself. When shipping to Alaska we will find a nationwide auto transport carrier to pick your vehicle up and transport it to the port in Tacoma, Washington. From there, the vehicle will be loaded onto a roll-on/roll-off transportation ship and will be transported overseas to the port in Anchorage, where you will need to pick your vehicle up and drive it to wherever in Alaska it is you want to go.

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