California Auto Transport

California (The Golden State) is one of the most popular states for auto transport and this is important to know for several reasons. First, prices can vary significantly depending on where your car will be picked up and dropped off. Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco will be much cheaper to transport your vehicle to than smaller cities that are far away from major metropolitan areas. Second, direction is a very important factor in determining the correct price for car shipping to or from California. Sometimes, traveling from east to west is cheaper, whereas sometimes it’s more affordable to travel from west to east. Make sure that the California auto transport company you select understands car shipping trends and can guide you through them.

Popular Routes for California Car Shipping

If your move allows you to be more flexible, you might find it helpful to ship your car to or from a slightly different area in order to expedite your delivery.

Popular auto transport routes to and from California (that could save you time and money) include:

  • Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL
  • Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY
  • Dallas, TX to San Francisco
  • Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA

 Envision Auto Relocations Knows California Transport

 California is a big state, and it’s important to select an auto transport company that understands car shipping trends to guide you in the right direction. Envision Auto Relocations is a 5-star rated car shipper that will take care of your vehicle(s) to and from California. Give us a call today.


Popular California Auto Shipping Cities

Los Angeles
San Diego