Iowa Car Shipping & Auto Transport

If you’re relocating to or from Iowa, you probably have at least one vehicle that needs to be relocated with you. This need has led you to an online search to find a reputable company, and boy are we are glad you found us! We believe transporting your vehicle to Iowa should be simple and painless. This is why we have put together an ‘Auto Transport 101’ to help you choose the right company.

Iowa Auto Transport 101

  1. Choose a company with a positive reputation and proven track record – You can verify a company’s claims by reading what customers have to say about them. There are several online resources that you can use, and we recommend that you only work with 5-star rated companies that have a great deal of auto transport within Iowa.
  2. Keep records of all pertinent paperwork – This should include a copy of your signed contract, proof of insurance, and company contact information. You might also find it useful to take pictures of your vehicle before you turn it over to the carrier.
  3. Plan to be without your car while it’s in transport – It could take 1-10 days to transport your car, depending on your pick up and drop off point. Make sure you give yourself enough time on both ends of transport.

 Envision Auto Relocations

Whether you’re moving to or from Iowa, or anywhere else in the United States, we’re here to help. We are a 5-star rated auto transporter and we will provide accurate answers to all of your questions. Call us today to experience the Envision difference!