Maine Auto Transport Companies

If you’re looking for an auto transport company to ship your car to or from Maine, you’re in the right place. We believe car shipping should be easy and hassle-free, and we’re here to give you the resources and positive experience you’re looking for. Some auto carriers don’t go as far north as Maine, but we want you to find one that wants to transport your car to Maine as much as you do.

Top 5 Maine Auto Transport Tips

 1.     Don’t base your decision solely on price.

2.     List your car for transport with only one company, as multiple listings can slow down your assignment to a carrier.

3.     Gather and keep all available information and paperwork including contracts, insurance, payment receipt, etc.

4.     Prepare your car for transport to Maine by removing all personal items (unless otherwise stated by the carrier) and make note of the car’s condition prior to pickup. Also, be ready to pay Cash On Delivery (COD) as most carriers only take cash.

5.     Choose only a 5-star rated auto carrier to ship your car to Maine, because you deserve a transporter with a positive reputation.

Envision Auto Relocation Specializes in Maine Auto Transport

We know you’re looking for an auto transporter that can ship your vehicle to Maine with no surprises. We are 5-star rated by our customers, and we’re here to answer all your questions with honesty and transparency. Give us a call today. It’ll be the best decision you make all day.