Minnesota Auto Transport

If you have an automobile that needs to be transported to or from Minnesota, you’re in the right place. We know you have a lot of questions, and we want to help you through this process. Check out our Minnesota auto transport Q & A below, and contact us if you have any further questions about shipping your car.

Minnesota Car Transport Q&A

Q: How do I choose the right Minnesota auto transport company to move my vehicle?

A: You want to make sure you choose a reliable company with a positive reputation. This includes verifying a company’s claims by reviewing their auto transport reviews on a reputable source.

Q: How long will my auto transport company take to deliver my vehicle in Minnesota?

A: This depends on the exact pick-up and drop off locations – It could take 3-5 days along the east coast of the US, and 7-10 days to transport from east to west.

Q: What can I transport inside my car when it’s en route to Minnesota?

A: This will depend on the specific auto transporter, but most carriers will allow very few personal belongings during transport to Minnesota. This is to keep the weight of the car carrier low, as well as to comply with Federal regulations.

Envision Auto Relocations – Minnesota’s Auto Transporter

This company exceeded all expectations for efficiency, ease of setting up service, how prompt and kind everyone was. I would highly recommend this service to anyone needing a transport service.

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