New Mexico Car Shipping

If you’re moving to or from New Mexico, your car(s) will most likely need to be transported with you. At this point in the process, you’ve either received a large number of quotes from auto transport companies, or you’re just now starting the process. Either way, you’re in the right place. There is a lot of industry jargon that we don’t want you to get confused by during your search to find a New Mexico auto transport company. So, we’ve included a list of common terms you’ll encounter along the way.

Common Auto Transport Terms for your New Mexico Move

Broker – An auto transport broker acts as the intermediary between you and the auto carriers. They work to get you the best rate to transport your car to or from New Mexico as quickly as possible.

Carrier – The carrier is the company that is assigned by the broker, who comes and picks up your car and transports it to the desired destination.

Low-ball quote – Sometimes a broker will provide a quote that is lower than the market value for that service. They do this to grab your attention, but have no intention of actually transporting your vehicle.

Envision Auto Relocations – New Mexico Auto Shipping

We want you to be informed through this entire process so you can make the best decision for your New Mexico auto transport. Call us today so we can show you the way car shipping should be!