The Truth About Rhode Island Auto Transport Companies

There is a lot of misinformation within the Rhode Island auto transport industry, and we want to set you straight. Our list of the 3 most common auto transport misunderstandings will help you keep your auto transport company honest.

  1. Most companies in the industry don’t have their own auto transport trucks – Some might have you believe they’ll be picking you up with their own trucks, but chances are, they are a broker. Brokers work with auto carriers to schedule the transport. Don’t be misguided by a company that isn’t up front and honest.
  2. Rhode Island Auto transport brokers cannot guarantee specific pickup or delivery days and times – It is important to have realistic expectations. Some companies may want you to believe they can guarantee a specific time, but most of the time, you will be disappointed, and your car will be stuck. Most carriers will provide a 1-2 day window for pickup and delivery. If someone promises you anything different, you should turn and run.
  3. If a quote sounds too good to be true, it (probably) is – Rhode Island Auto transport brokers don’t dictate prices, they merely gauge the market and arrange to get your car shipped as soon as possible. Don’t be distracted by a low-ball quote designed to trick you into picking a company that has no desire to actually move your car.

Envision Auto Relocations is ready to transport your car

We know this all sounds very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Call the experts at Envision Auto Relocation today. We’ll use our resources to make transporting your car to Rhode Island the easiest thing you’ll do all month.