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Auction Auto Transport Gavel

Simplified Auto Auction Transport

At Envision, we work with a variety of dealers throughout the Continental United States who are constantly buying and selling vehicles at all of the major auction houses. We’ve completed an auto auction transport for nearly every large vehicle auction in the country, and know how to make the process easy for our clients. Simplifying this process starts with knowing the policies and procedures of each auction house, along with their hours of operation, and what paperwork or other information may be required to pick up or deliver a vehicle. Follow our 3 step process, and get back to work buying cars!

Step 1
Let us know what you have to ship by requesting a quote or calling our office at (800) 975-0670.


Step 2
Provide proper vehicle information and documents to your transport agent.


Step 3
Go back to work looking for your next unit of inventory. We’ll handle everything and call you to confirm when your vehicles have been picked up.

We are happy to guide all types of auto dealers through the auto auction transport process. We have experience with auctions like Manheim, Copart, Adesa, IAAI, Government liquidation auctions, Commercial vehicle auctions and everything in between. Leveraging our experience gives you more time to do what is important for your bottom line. It gives you more time to focus on the cars that you are buying rather than how you’re going to transport your car(s) to or from these sales.

Our agent’s work fast to get your auto auction transport handled on time. We will not sit around and allow storage fees to accrue and wreak havoc on your bottom line like some other companies do. On average our vehicles are picked up from auction houses within 48 hours of placing an order. The quicker your vehicles are picked up, the faster that they can get to your lot and be ready for sale!

Auto Auction Transport and Your Bottom Line

Our approach to an auto auction transport is different than most auto transport companies out there. We understand that when our clients succeed, we will succeed. A positive and mutually beneficial working relationship is the most critical thing that we can develop with dealers and individuals who are ever in need of any auto transport. In other words, we are here to help protect your bottom line.

Call Envision prior to the auction sale and make sure you know a proper budget for your auto auction transport. Protect your bottom line by knowing the max purchase price on each vehicle you are buying.

Providing a competitive quote that will allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not the vehicle you are buying is worth it in the first place. Knowledge is power, especially in the highly competitive world of car sales. Utilizing Envision’s agents for your auto auction transport is a smart move.