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Dealer to dealer Auto Transport

Experts in Automotive Logistics

The number one question of any dealer using a vehicle transport service is “when is my vehicle going to be picked up?” There are very few instances when time is not of the essence with dealer automotive logistics. Your cars are your inventory, and it’s our goal to facilitate timely transportation of your vehicles to keep that inventory supply fresh. No matter if you need to ship one single unit or ten truckloads of cars, SUVs or trucks; Envision can get the job done.

Automotive logistics is our passion, and we have become the best in the industry at creating solutions for any logistical problem that you may have. Over the years we have acquired a broad network of fully insured, licensed carriers that have strictly been doing large dealer trades. They will all handle your vehicles with care, and get them to you on time.

We understand the ins and outs of the automotive sales world, and welcome our dealers to use our company as a resource to simply make their lives easier.

We can provide:

24 hour turnaround

Do you need a truckload of vehicles picked up before the next business day ends? Being experts in automotive logistics, we have the resources to complete your transport quickly.

Payment terms

Get setup as a vendor and don’t worry about paying COD. This is one ability that most auto transport companies out there lack. We have a payment solution that fits you.

Call us at (800) 975-0670 prior to putting your trade together and get real answers on rates and timelines.

Dealer to Dealer Auto Transport

The name of the game here is inventory. If you don’t have an auto transport company who can supply you with new inventory when it’s needed, you’re losing money. If you don’t have the cars, you can’t make the sales. This is where Envision comes in.

We will take the time to learn all that we can about your business and how you operate. We want to know what your procedures are for making a dealer to dealer trade, and in turn the auto transport that comes next.

Are you shipping 5 cars at a time, or 40? No matter the situation, or your area; Envision will take the time to build a solid network of carriers that can quickly service your needs. Using our company gives you a major edge in automotive logistics. You will not be dependent on “Joe” with the trucking company down the street, and have to wait until he gets a full load of cars to make a run for you. Your auto transport can happen within hours of setting up an order with our service.

So how does a dealer to dealer auto transport work?

Leave the logistics to us. Call our office and within 4 minutes we can get the job quoted out and start locating the right driver for you. We will record all necessary information regarding pickup/delivery locations, vehicles and their VINs, among any other details. We will always keep in touch and notify you immediately upon carrier assignment. You will get a realistic and accurate logistical timeline for your automotive transport. Upon arrival, you will go through a few procedures with your driver, such as:

Receive a BOL upon pickup

When doing a dealer to dealer auto transport, it is critical that you have a copy of a Bill of Lading, given to you by the driver. This will verify all of the information that we have been given a second time, such as pickup/delivery contacts and addresses, and vehicle VIN numbers. There is nothing worse than having the wrong inventory enter or leave your car dealership.

Full inspection upon pickup

As mentioned above, our drivers always care for your vehicles properly in transit. A vehicle inspection is there as an extra layer of protection for a dealer receiving inventory. We’ve done certain dealer to dealer auto transports where units purchased did not end up being as they were originally described. Instead of just loading whatever vehicles are given to them, our drivers take the time to do an inspection of each car and will communicate with us and the receiving dealer if they think that there could be some kind of issue.

Real delivery time frame

This is a critical point in automotive logistics that no one pays enough attention to. Some or all of the vehicles in your inbound load may already be sold inventory. When a sale is already completed, there is nothing more important than being able to give your client a real answer regarding the delivery of their new car. It is always our goal to keep a clear, open line of communication with our dealer auto transport clients. We have setup tools such as vehicle tracking to help you get the answers, when you need them.

BOL upon delivery

For all the same reasons as above, it is important that you get a copy of a Bill of Lading upon delivery when you do a dealer to dealer auto transport. There is never any harm in double, and triple checking your inventory list to make sure that you received the right cars.

Full inspection upon delivery

Even the best carriers have a minor incident once in a while. Our safety record is outstanding; with minor accidents occurring in less than 2% of all transports done. This is because our drivers use wheel straps instead of chains, they don’t plow right on through any inclement weather that leaves your vehicles exposed to damage, and they always take time to load and unload properly. They are not afraid to ask for another set of eyes on the trailer when it’s necessary. When dealing with anywhere from $30,000 to $1Million + worth of inventory, a request for a little bit of help is usually appreciated more than it’s an annoyance. For the scenario when there may be damage done, you need to keep an accurate record so that a carrier’s insurance company can get to work immediately. This record is kept on the Bill of Lading that you will receive upon delivery.