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Limousine Shipping ServicesLimousines come in all different shapes and sizes – there are old-school Crown Victoria limousines, SUV limos, stretch limos, super-stretch limos – limousines can be built out of just about any type of vehicle imaginable, and this can make it difficult to ship them if your auto transport company doesn’t know exactly what you’re trying to ship. In this helpful article we’ll discuss some of the ins and outs of our limousine shipping services, including what information we’ll need prior to calculating a quote, what types of auto transport carriers can handle a limousine, and how you can get a free quote to ship your limousine.

When you’re looking for limousine shipping services, it would help immensely if you had not just the year, make and model of the limousine you’re looking to ship, but also the length, width, height and approximate weight of the limo as well. Since most limousines are custom built (and others modified from existing vehicles), the dimensions are very helpful in finding the right car transport carrier to handle your vehicle. For example, if you’re shipping a stretch limousine but represent it as a non-stretched limo, chances are it’s not going to fit on a standard carrier when the carrier arrives, which would end up resulting in (at best) a mad carrier and (at worst) a completely canceled order. Having all the dimensions of the limo will also help us better determine the best price to ship your limousine, so even if we don’t ask for them right away it would be best to have them on hand when getting a quote.

Most companies that offer limousine shipping services will almost always try to ship it on an open auto transport carrier first, unless it is too long or too tall to fit. Many “standard” limousines will take up two slots on an open carrier, but it’s doable – it will cost more than a single vehicle, but probably not as much as two individual cars. If you’re shipping a stretch limo, though, you may end up needing a flatbed vehicle shipping carrier to haul it, due to the increased length. Flatbed shippers are not typically used unless needed, so prices for flatbed carriers will almost always be higher than an open or enclosed auto transporter.

You can fill out our free online quote request form and get a free, specialized quote to ship your limousine from anywhere, to anywhere in the U.S., and if you include your telephone number you will get a call from one of our friendly staff members who can assist you in getting the best quote for your limousine shipping needs. You can also call us directly at our toll-free number to inquire about our limousine shipping services, as well as get a free verbal quote right over the phone. Either way, we here at Envision Auto Relocations are here to help you get the best auto transport experience we can give you.

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