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Questions about Shipping Your Car

10 Questions to Ask When Shipping Your Car

By the time that you finish reading through this page, you should have all of the information that you need to be confident when shipping your car. Our goal is to provide our clients with helpful answers, and guide them through what at first seems like a complicated process.

Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked auto transport questions. This list will continue to grow, as we continue to serve our clients. If you can’t find your question on this list, please call us!

Does Envision provide a real door to door auto transport?

Envision aims to provide door to door auto transport whenever possible. As long as our car carrier is able to fit down the street that you live on, your vehicle will be delivered right to you. Your transport driver will always call in advance to coordinate meeting at the closest and most convenient location to you just in case he can’t get to your exact physical address.  Read More

Will my car be insured during the transport?

Your car will always be insured when it is being transported, no matter whether or not you are moving to the next county or across the country. Insurance is always included in our standard door to door shipping service.

Do I need to put down an upfront deposit to ship my car?

With Envision there is never an upfront deposit due to schedule your vehicle transport. You will have your specific car carrier’s information in hand before even a penny is paid to Envision.

How quickly can you pick up my vehicle?

With our auto transport service same day pickups are available when needed. Our average window for loading your vehicle onto a car carrier is 1-3 days. This 72 hour windows is standard for just about every route in the country. No matter if you are shipping your car on a high volume route like New York to Florida, or a rare route like Montana to West Virginia, we can ship your vehicle fast!

Does your car carrier allow items to be placed in my car when it is being transported?

 As a transport industry standard, 100lbs of items is allowed in your vehicle. These items should be in the trunk, or at the very least below the car’s window level in the backseat.

How long does it take to ship my car?

100-500 miles : 1 to 1.5 days

500-1,000 miles : 2-3 days

1,000-1,500 miles : 3-4 days

1,500-2,000 miles : 3-5 days

2,000-2,500 miles : 5-7 days

2,500-3,000 miles : 7-9 days

Car transport time frames depend highly on the mileage of your route. Car carriers are allowed by law to travel 11 hours per day. Team drivers (2 in the same truck) can travel almost non stop on any route. For a more detailed explanation on all the rules check out the FMCSA’s page here

What kind of guarantee do I have that you will ship my car?

Envision Auto Relocations is a professional company. Auto Transport is all that we do. We guarantee that your vehicle will be shipped or we will not bill you a single penny.

How do I pay for my auto transport service?

Our standard service allows you to pay the majority of your shipping balance at delivery, directly to your car carrier, by cash or certified funds. There are also options to pay by credit or debit card, and paypal.

Can I choose where I want my vehicle to be loaded on the car carrier?

Yes, Envision has the ability to request that your vehicle is loaded in a specific spot on the car carrier. Most times, your driver will be the best judge of where the safest place to transport your vehicle on the carrier is, based on years of experience and knowing what other vehicles are going to be loaded on the truck.

Will my vehicle be inspected before it is transported across the country?

 Yes. Our standard door to door service always includes a full vehicle inspection at pickup and delivery. Your driver will always be asked to provide a copy of this inspection report to you at the pickup and delivery locations.

So these are the basics. Most questions that our car shipping clients ask are included in this short list. Good news for you is that our agents have over 50 years combined door to door auto transport experience and can answer ANY question that you might have.

We know that every vehicle transport is unique, and have provided shipping services for any scenario that you can think of. If you think you have something new and out of the ordinary to challenge us with, we welcome it!